History of National Day of Prayer

The mission of the National Day of Prayer Revival Force is for the USA to serve the Lord in covenant, as our founding fathers established, and to bring nationwide revival. We encourage people to follow God with all their heart and soul and work with churches of all denominations. To turn our nation closer to God, everyone is invited to use our revival materials. The Revival Force’s resources are designed to fit into your National Day of Prayer event at home, church or in public events.

The National Day of Prayer Revival Force is an additional nationwide prayer event in addition to the National Day of Prayer Task Force. The National Day of Prayer Revival Force was founded in 2014 by pastor Steven Andrew, pastor of USA Christian Church, and has included several Christian leaders as we work together to unite the USA in Christ.

Throughout the year the National Day of Prayer Revival Force works to strengthen Christians and churches. If your church would like to get involved then you can sign up here.

For 2020, the focus is to heal our land by agreeing to join One Million Americans on the LORD’s Side and turning from our wicked ways by repenting of the 5 most dangerous sins for the country. All sin brings harm and is to be repented of. The Word of God reveals that: 1) false gods, 2) homosexual sin, 3) abortion 4) trusting in man and 5) the occult pose the greatest threat to our national security. God brought Israel and Judah into captivity for these sins. God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexual sin.

As the USA is a covenant Christian nation by our founding fathers’ dedicating our country to God to all generations, people are also invited to 1) Re-dedicate the USA to God and 2) Ask God for mercy for the USA’s sins.

Christians, churches and media are asked to help share these resources to strengthen the USA, one nation under God. Thank you for your participation. God sees you!

This National Day of Prayer website can be reached by using the shortcut of www.NDOP.CHURCH – as well as by www.NationalDayofPrayer.Church

To support National Repentance, pray and donate at USA Christian Church.